Gautzy Poodles are used often for grooming championships and grooming demonstrations

Bad Salzungen, nov.'07, best in show in championclass, Gautzy Don Ricardo groomed by Jean

Gautzy Maroon, groomed by her owner Marie Herder

Gautzy Vegas, groomed by her owner Marie Herder, Bad salzungen nov.'07

Gautzy Sunday, groomed and owned by Joke Bosma. 1Place in open class Poodle at the  D.U.G. championship in The Netherlands March 2008

ReQual Grooming Masters 2008. Amsterdam 30th Nov. 2008. Championship by invitation

Gautzy Aicha groomed by Nathalie Thunissen (second price) and The Rascals farm Homen Branco groomed by Nike Elbertsen (extra price for profile and courage)

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